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We Make you: break_ya_neck

*as i walk by.. you break_ya_neck*

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All Members

Maintainer's Note:: If any rule is
broken you will be banned and placed in the Hall of Shame.
And no no no these rules werent made to be broken. THANKS!

New Applicants ♥
*First 5 members are auto-accepted!
*Must be at least 15 years of age, you shouldnt be
breaking anyone's neck any younger!
*Fill out all of the survey, dont be lazy
*Must post your app within 48 hours of joining
or you are auto-rejected
*Post at least 3 clear pics and one
100x100 pic (4 total pics)
*ENTIRE Survey/ALL pics must be under an lj-cut
*You will be voted based on your survey and pics!
Make your survey original & post your best pics!
*Can only reply to YOUR post until accepted
*Put Do I break_ya_neck? as the subject, so
the members know you have read the rules
*You dont have to like what everyone says about you,
if you do defend yourself please do it in a respectful way
*If rejected you can re-apply only once,
if you're rejected again, take the hint

♥Stamped Members♥
*Stay Active!! Non-active communities=BORING
*Respect your mods
*When voting please put your reason as the
subject and/or bold your answer.
*You must have a reason for your vote.
*Keep your moods in check when voting. Please
do not put "but since i'm in a ____ mood i will
vote ___." It is kind of rude to the applicant
and its irritating to your mods.
*Please do NOT put "undecided" as your
vote and request more pics, it's straight
up annoying to the mods & the applicant.
*No racism nor discrimination
*Do not cause any drama, we dont want it,
we dont like it, & dont need it!
*There will be a "Neck Breaker" of the month,
for the most active member.
*The Shit List is the inactive list, you dont
want to be there, 3x and you're out
*We are your whore, so.. PIMP US LIKE CRAZY!!
*You can promote a rating community only
if you have promoted b_y_n to them!
*Let a mod know of any suggestions you may have!
*Keep breaking them necks, yo!

**the break_ya_neck survey**

{For starters}
-If invited or referred here.. by who?

{Your 411}
-Name Meaning:
-Got any nicknames:

{Your Faves}
-5 Favorite music artists:
-A Favorite Lyric from a song:
-5 Favorite Movies:
-Favorite Quote from a movie:
-Favorite foods:
-Favorite hobbies/interests:
-3 Favorite People in your Life & why:

-3 qualities you like most about you (physical):
-If you could change any one thing about yourself:
-5 Words that describe your personality:
-What would your "last" words be:
-You're a crayon, what color are you & why:
-What random thought crosses your mind often:
-3 Celebrities that would make you break_ya_neck:
-Make up a question for yourself & answer it:

{And Finally..}
-Why you want to be apart of break_ya_neck:
-Promote break_ya_neck to 1 rating comm & 1 lj user:
-Your 4 pictures go here:

Please make the questions OR answers bold, so that your application is much easier to read. Thanks a lot!!
Try to be creative, unique, innovative in your survey.
It's our first impression of you. ♥

Your Maintainer, Mods, Promoters


Steph AKA